Blockchain 101 for Investors

By: US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment Friday, 06 Apr 2018 Availability : 0

Members will learn about the fundamentals of blockchain and how it works, what investors should understand, and how two industries are considering the impacts as the technology is adopted.



By: Alyssa Perrin Friday, 30 Mar 2018 Availability : 0

BusinessMe2018 is a conference held from the 30 of March to the 1 of April in Turku, Finland giving students the opportunity to learn about and experience entrepreneurship in a hands-on fashion.


Orlando REI Mastermind Meetup

By: Jamie Rost Wednesday, 28 Mar 2018 Availability : 0

Looking to meet other real estate investors in the Orlando area? This event is intended to connect, inform and inspire investors in the Orlando area. This free event is open to investors of all levels and experience! If you are in the Orlando area and would like to attend please RSVP using the link below.


Security At Sunrise

By: Michele Ringelberg Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 Availability : 0

Security discussion for Executives


Path2Arch ARE/AXP Study Group 3/15/18

By: Association of Licensed Architects Thursday, 15 Mar 2018 Availability : 0

Path2Arch ARE/AXP Study Group


The Caviar Club, Turku 2017

By: The Caviar Club Friday, 16 Feb 2018 Availability : 0

The Caviar Club on paikka sinulle, joka etsit uusia elämyksiä, uusia oppeja, uutta inspiraatiota, uusi työkaluja liiketoiminnallesi ja urallesi sekä ennen kaikkea arvokkaita uusia tuttavuuksia ja tulevia ystävyyksiä yrityksesi toiminnan uudistamiseen ja vauhdittamiseen.