embed your event

Promote events on your website, blog and even on your Facebook page. Not only can you promote your event but also allow your customers to get their tickets from your own website or Facebook page with a few simple clicks. With our online event marketing platform there's no need to send your customers away, keep them on your site.


social media links

Let your event participants become your best promoters by sharing your event on Facebook & Twitter with just one click. Attendees are automatically prompted to share your event on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can easily embed a Facebook event to your event page on EventCart.

Event management platform

Go live with your event in minutes. Customize your event page according to your own brand style. Provide multiple tickets for each customer segment. Display the relevant information to your customers without any distractions and offer links to your webpage and social media accounts for extra awareness.

Event Info

Get started by adding the basic event information to your listing. Give your event a unique title, category and brief summary to reach the right audience.

Event Images

Promote your event online by uploading an image to your event listing and showcase your event.

Event Tickets

Choose the type of tickets you’d like to create for your listing, add payment methods, currency and cancellations options.

Event Description

Customise the event description to really sell your event and tell people the most important information they need to know and why they won’t want to miss it.

Event Timetable

Add an event schedule and set a start/end date as well as adding any extra information such as a breakdown of the event (festival line-up or conference agenda).

GO Live

Once you’ve added all of the necessary information to your event listing, publish your event to go live and share with friends through social media channels!

event registration & ticketing

Better customer insights

Collect the necessary information and learn more about your customer by easily adding questions in the event registration form.

Collect payments online & offline

Collect payments online or offline with ease. Let your customers quickly register and get their tickets within minutes.

Confirmation Email

After having registered, the attendees will shortly receive a confirmation email and a ticket to your event!

Free event = no costs!

Is your event free? Host and manage your events at no cost!

Multiple Ticket Types with Different Prices

Provide multiple tickets for each customer segment with different quantities and prices.

Waiting List

Customers can add themselves to a waiting list after the event is fully booked. Send them an immediate notification as soon as a ticket becomes available to ensure your event is always a full house!

image Automated Reminders

By using our event registration platform your customers get reminders about incomplete registrations or pending payments.

image Group Tickets

Offer your customers the option to book an event with a group by easily adding group tickets to your event listing.

image Discounts

Boost your sales by offering discount tickets. Create discount codes and let your customers enjoy the sale price.

image Sell on Your Site

Instead of sending your customers away, let them buy tickets on your own website. You can easily integrate your event listing into your own website and sell your event tickets directly from there!

Facebook Sales

Allow your customers to buy tickets through your Facebook page and get the ticket as soon as they see your event. Fast, easy and smooth!

Fast Registration

EventCart allows your customers to get their ticket fast and easy.

get started
Affiliate Marketing

Quickly set up individual URLs and sales tracking for your event promoters. Partner up with bloggers, affiliates or anyone in your network and easily track the sales of your event.

Manage Your Event/Attendees

Manage your event easily at EventCart, anytime and anywhere, by following up the sales of your event, contacting the attendees and exporting the attendee information.

Multilingual Platform

EventCart allows you to list your event in multiple languages. This means not only the website language changes but also the content changes. Let your users read the vital information in their desired language. By using EventCart you allow your users to get the emails and tickets in their selected language.

Discount & Promotions

With EventCart's discount and promotions feature, you get the possibility to create discounts for individuals, groups, repeat customers and early bird registrations. The campaigns can be also based on quantity of tickets bought or can be set for a limited time.

Everyone loves a discount. Now you can easily create discount codes to offer special pricing for repeat customers or early bird registrations. Discount codes can be set to expire after a certain date or number of uses. Create your event today!