Listing Events

How to create an event?

Creating an event on EventCart is easy, quick and free. After signing in with your verified EventCart account, Locate and click on “CREATE AN EVENT” at the top right corner of your EventCart Page. In just 3 easy steps you can GO live and start selling immediately  




Step 1: Basic Details


Here you may enter the following.

  • Event name or title (Keep it short and simple for your guests to remember with ease)
  • Select event category (A category for your event so your customers can easily search for your event)
  • Choose event tags (Some event tags making it easy for search engines to locate the event and publicly market it)
  • Summarize your event (A small summary for your event which can be seen also in event search on EventCart)
  • Upload a suitable picture (A catchy picture to personalize your event)
  • Describe your event (Details about your event. Give as much information as you like, with our powerful editor you can customize the information also)
  • Provide the address for the event. (A venue for your attendees so that they can easily find the place) 

Once done please click "Save and Continue" to move to step 2

Step 2 : Event Schedule 

Here you decide your event timetable. You may let your attendees know the timetable of your event also. With our rich text editor you can customize your timetable also. Please enter the following things in order to proceed.

  • Select a timezone (Please make sure you selected the correct timezone)
  • Enter start and end date & time
  • Provide your event schedule (Let your guests know about your event)

Once done please click "Save and Continue" to move to step 3

Step 3 : Event Ticketing  

EventCart allow you to create different tickets for just a single event. This great and effective feature will enable you to create different ticket value for different attendees of your event. This can be done by following the steps below:

  • Select the currency of your event
  • Click on the type of ticket you will like to create (Paid ticket or Free)
  • Fill the ticket information in the boxes provided (Name of ticket, quantity, Enter Vat and Price)
  • Repeat step 2 and 3 to create more tickets for an event
  • Click "Save And Continue" or "Save and publish"

Once done please click "Save and Continue" to move to step 4 which is optional Or publishing directly will make your event LIVE!

Step 4 : Event Optionals  

Here you have a few options which are optionals for your event. 

  • You can select the checkboxes for the information you would like to collect from your attendees.
  • Adding your Facebook event will show the Facebook event stats on your event page.
  • We recomend adding an event cover picture in order to personalize the event page.

Once done please click "Publish" in order to make the event live!


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