EventCart Achieves Another Milestone 10,000+ Followers on Facebook

Posted Jan 21, 2018 & filed under Company News.

EventCart’s popularity has grown along with the introduction on new markets. Thanks to all the people. We are grateful!. One place to measure the popularity is to look at the amount of followers on social media. Today, after an explosion of followers in the beginning of 2018, the number exceeded ten thousand. EventCart is already looking forward to having plus 20.000 followers.

EventCart brings event organizers and customers together from around the globe making it quick, easy and simple to create and book events. We have our finger on the pulse of event technology and understand the challenges faced by event organizers -confronted by a legion of platforms, ever tighter budgets and looming deadlines. Our flexible pricing will ensure the success of every event created and promoted through it.


Thomas Sabel
Chief Marketing Officer
Phone: +1-415-621-9342
Email: thomas@eventcart.com

EventCart with headquarters in Turku, Finland and offices in London, UK and New Jersey, US, is an event management platform that aims at renewing the industry. EventCart’s idea is that it should not only be a ticketing platform, but fulfill the needs of both organizers and their customers.