Attending an Event

Buying a ticket via PayPal?


The payment methods available at checkout are chosen by the event organizer.

  • At checkout below your ticket information you will see a list of available payment methods for the event.

  • Simply select the option ‘PayPal’ on the left side of the icon.

  • Click the ‘Pay Now’ button and you will be taken to PayPal login site

  • If you already have an account on PayPal simply log in with your email and password.

  • If you don’t have an account on PayPal, then click ‘Check out as a guest’ and provide the necessary information.

  • Proceed as per instructions on PayPal.

  • After having paid your ticket, you will be redirected to EventCart website and asked to fill a registration form for the event. Please give the necessary information required by the event organiser.

  • When you have provided the information click ‘Register Now’. An email will be sent to you with the relevant event information, with your ticket attached as a PDF file.


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