How to Improve Attendee Experiences Using AI

Mar 26,2018
image By: Thomas Sabel

If you think that artificial intelligence (AI) evokes a far-future star-ship or a society taken over by machines, think again. You only need to check out an assistant like Siri or Cortana to realize AI is already here and becoming increasingly integrated into our lives.

In the past couple of years, AI has begun making its presence felt in event organization. It's easy to see how you, the organizer, might benefit from its efficiency, but it will also benefit your guests in a whole range of ways.

Personalizing the Experience

In the past, personalizing the attendee's experience has involved extensive questionnaires, as likely to get the wrong results as the right ones. There are now AI systems which, with the participant's permission, can scour social media and the internet for information about them.

This is used to recommend people it might be useful for them to meet, or sessions they'd want to attend. The attendee can accept or refuse these recommendations, and the AI will refine and update its parameters and offer more relevant suggestions. By the time the event comes around, each visitor should have an accurate and valuable list of suggestions and bookings.

Improve Communication

Only a few years ago, a dedicated event app seemed the last word in progress, compared with a printed program and an advice desk — usually with a long queue. Even so, visitors still have to navigate their way through the app to find the information they're looking for.

Suppose that, instead, you had a chatbot, effectively your own dedicated equivalent of Siri, for your event? Your visitor could ask "Where is the next workshop being held?" or "How do I find John Smith of Acme Industries?" or just "Where are the toilets?" — and receive an instant answer.

Monitoring the Logistics

For an event organizer, one of the great benefits of an event AI is to be able to monitor footfall and resources in real time. Besides benefitting you, though, it can also be a great help to your attendees.

How often have you been to an event where everyone's trying to get in at the same time and there aren't enough security staff to prevent long queues? Or the refreshments are running low by the time you get to them? If your AI is keeping track of what's required, everything should go like clockwork — except that clockwork was never this good.

If you want to know more about how AI can deliver a better experience to your attendees, why not get in touch with us?

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