How to Make Your Food and Drink Event Sizzle This Summer

Feb 07,2018
image By: Saija Mahon

We all love food and drink, and events that allow people to indulge are generally popular. Whether it’s a private event in a restaurant, brewery or vineyard, or whether it’s a large festival in a field or a town centre, you can make a success out of your event — but only if you organize it properly.

Decide What Your Event Is About

Food and drink events can be held for many different purposes. A restaurant or brewery may be showcasing something new, or a festival could be bringing together the whole local community. 

Alternatively, perhaps, the event is focused on a particular ethnic cuisine, or some other speciality such as Vegan or gluten-free. Whichever you choose, make sure you define this from the start and stick to it.

It’s Not Just About the Food and Drink

If you’re organizing a festival, food and drink will obviously be at the heart of the experience. However, customers are more likely to come, and even more likely to stay, if you provide other entertainment. Music usually works well, or you could provide photo booths. 

For events targeted at families, it’s crucial to have something for the children. Most kids love to eat, but they’re likely to get bored easily, so a bouncy castle or face painting could help their parents stay longer and spend more.

Make Them Feel Special

Not all food and drink events can (or should) be exclusive, but you can still create a feeling of exclusivity, for some customers, at least. You could offer a special benefit — perhaps first access to a special area — for early bookers or customers buying a more expensive ticket. 

Special tickets can go down particularly well if you publicize that the extra cost is a donation to charity. Remember, this is about making your event more attractive, not about a few extra quid from ticket sales.

Give Them a Take-Away

Hopefully, the customers’ memories of your event will be special, but they’ll last longer with a free physical memento. This could be anything from food — such as an individual cake — to a branded cup.

Use a Great Online Event Management Platform

If you’re selling tickets, customers need to be able to book online with a minimum of hassle. The platform you choose should also make it easy to design an attractive page, segment your ticket sales and share your event on social media with a single click.

Get in touch with us if you want to know more about making your food and drink event sizzle.

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