Valentine’s Day 2018: 10 Event Ideas to Fall in Love With

Feb 10,2018
image By: Adriana Lucado

The most romantic day of the year is almost on us, and most of us are looking for something special. Valentine’s Day is a time for being together, whether it’s just the two of you, or whether you want to include family or friends. Even if you’re single, perhaps this is the day you’re destined to find love. Here are a few ideas.

Romantic Dinner

It’s a classic for a good reason. A sumptuous dinner by candlelight, with soft music playing, is the archetypal romantic occasion. For something a bit more adventurous, there are more exotic settings, whether it’s a castle or a river-boat under the stars.

Up, Up and Away

As long as you both have a good head for heights, why not go soaring together above the countryside in a hot-air balloon? Take along some bubbly for a Valentine treat you won’t forget.

Masquerade Ball

If you want a less intimate event, how about a masquerade ball? Whether you want formal or fancy dress, masks would be a must, perhaps with a prize for the best. Masquerades have a fine pedigree as romantic events — it was how Romeo and Juliet met.

Better than a Box of Chocolates

Everyone gives chocolates for Valentine’s Day, but why not go one better and arrange a visit to Cadbury World in Birmingham? You can visit their exhibitions about everyone’s favorite sweet — and there are plenty of samples to try.

Romantic Film Showing

A romantic film is another Valentine’s classic, but queuing up and squeezing into a crowded cinema can kill the mood. Why not hire a venue to show the film of your choice — whether that’s Casablanca or Titanic? It can be just for the two of you, or for a larger group.

Romantic Music Night

Slow dancing together to romantic music is bound to get you into the mood, but you can’t always find what you want. All you need do is hire a venue and a DJ who’ll play exactly the right music for you and the like-minded couples you invite.

Valentine’s Craft Session

When the fashion for Valentine’s gifts and cards began, centuries ago, they were hand-made. Help your friends and family recover that extra level of romance by organizing a craft workshop, making gifts like perfume, flower-arrangements or chocolate.

Pop-Up Restaurant

Can’t find the ideal restaurant for your romantic dinner? If you hire a venue and a caterer, you can specify exactly what you want for yourselves and whichever guests you choose to invite.

West End Show

If going to the cinema is too ordinary for you, why not make an evening of it in London’s West End? Whether your taste is for Les Miserables or The Mousetrap, a West End theatre is a special place. Afterwards, you have a choice of some of the most iconic restaurants for dinner, before retiring to a luxurious hotel room.

Singles Night

No-one to celebrate Valentine’s Day with? You don’t need to mope at home. If you hire a venue and a DJ or band, others in the same position will be delighted to join you. And you never know — you might even meet That Person there.


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