Ellevate Business Executives Balls

By: laura yunger Sunday, 11 Mar 2018 Availability : 0

Ellevate Network is a community of dignified professional individuals who create, inspire and lead. We pride ourselves in honesty and transparency.


Test Event

By: Timberlake-nb Demo Association Thursday, 01 Mar 2018 Availability : 0

This is the summary of my event.


The Caviar Club, Turku 2017

By: The Caviar Club Friday, 16 Feb 2018 Availability : 0

The Caviar Club on paikka sinulle, joka etsit uusia elämyksiä, uusia oppeja, uutta inspiraatiota, uusi työkaluja liiketoiminnallesi ja urallesi sekä ennen kaikkea arvokkaita uusia tuttavuuksia ja tulevia ystävyyksiä yrityksesi toiminnan uudistamiseen ja vauhdittamiseen.


Lapland Tour Feb 2018

By: Student Trips Wednesday, 07 Feb 2018 Availability : 0

Join us on an adventurous trip to Lapland Finland 200 km North from the Arctic Circle. Lapland offers many lovely memories for everyone. Experience winter twilight, Northern Lights and BRRRRRR! cold temperatures.


Win with Sellers with James Shaw

By: Sarah Bastian Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018 Availability : 0

From the listing cycle to business planning, this course is designed to accelerate your business. If you've been working with sellers, or thinking about how to become a listing leader in your market, then Seller Mastery is for you.


Train the Presenter with Dick Dillingham

By: Sarah Bastian Thursday, 11 Jan 2018 Availability : 0

Incorporating exercises, group work and hands-on participation, Train the Presenter covers the basics of effective teaching techniques and strategies. This course is intended for any instructor looking to develop their training skills, or current KWU Faculty who want to refresh their skills base.